March 2014

Hell Pt. 4- Hell’s List

Is there a common character trait of people who end up in Hell? In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about a disastrous choice that everyone in Hell made and how to avoid it.

Hell Pt. 3- Warnings From Hell

What did Jesus believe Hell was like? In this sermon, Pastor Lee preaches on Jesus’ teaching in Luke Chapter 16 which gives us a memorable picture of Hell and warnings that should motivate us to avoid it at all costs.

Hell Pt. 2- Remodeling Hell

The preachers of the past described Hell in dark, “fire and brimstone” terms. Today, it’s difficult to imagine such a horrible place actually existing. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about the danger of “remodeling” Hell or changing the realities of it.

Hell Pt. 1- Uncomfortable Beliefs

Is it possible to become too comfortable in regards to our ideas about Hell? In the first sermon of his series on Hell, Pastor Lee shares his burden about making sure we’re thinking correctly about such a serious place.