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We believe that what Jesus has done for us gives us the ability to reach out and serve others. At Walton we want to develop a team atmosphere where people can use their gifts and talents to minister to the church and the community outside our walls. Listed below are our ministry teams that utilize volunteers who want to be a part of helping people experience new life in Jesus Christ at Walton.

To consider joining one of our teams,

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Welcome Team

At Walton, one of our top priorities is making sure people from all different backgrounds and situations can feel welcome here. Our welcome team does it best to provide a friendly environment for everyone we interact with during our regular worship services and programs. This includes everything from parking to building decorations. Safety and emergency care are also important priorities for our church. At Walton, we have a team that oversees and protects our areas of ministry during our times of worship Sundays and Wednesdays.

Music Team

We love to worship in a way that engages the heart to love God and praise Him. One of the ways we express our worship to God is through song. Our musical style is mostly rock worship but we also like some hymns as well. Some of us play instruments and some are vocalists. Either way, it’s a group of people trying to glorify God with their musical talents.

Media Team

Using media to spread the gospel is a privilege of Walton P.H. Church. In an age of widespread technology, we want to use these tools as best as possible for kingdom purposes. All of our weekly sermons are uploaded to our website in audio formats. We also maintain an active Facebook account for additional church communication.

Discipleship Team

Although we enjoy our main Sunday and Wednesday worship services, we also need other environments to grow spiritually. On Sunday mornings, we host Sunday School where attendees go through Bible-based curriculum in an open and participatory setting. We also have a ladies group that plans special events and trips together. These types of ministries allow those who come to our church to truly build friendships with others and grow in the relationship with Jesus Christ.
Indoor Facility Management Team

Clean and safe environments are important to us. Our Indoor Facility Management team makes sure we take care of the property God has given to us. They oversee the cleaning the inside of our buildings on a weekly basis with things such as bathrooms, classrooms, and the sanctuary area.

Outdoor Facility Management Team

The outside care and maintenance of our facilities is a priority for us as well. Our Facility Management team takes care of our lawn, painting, and other outside jobs.

Outreach Team

We believe that the Good News of the Gospel should make a difference outside of our walls and in our community. Our Outreach team helps us meet the needs of those around us and in foreign areas as well. We currently operate a monthly food bank ministry for local families and this year we participated in a mission trip to Ecuador.

Youth Ministry Team

At Walton P.H. Church we believe in and support the Next Generation. We love to see God working and changing the lives our our young people. Our areas of ministry that put an emphasis on them include the Nursery, Sunday School, Children’s Church, and Youth Programs on Weds. Night. We also have two dance teams that perform dramatic presentations to modern Christian music.

Fundraising Team

We believe that part of being a follower of Jesus is being a good manager of the resources He has given us. As we go on special trips and mission trips, we have a fundraising team to help gather the financial resources we need to make them possible.