January 2014

Spiritual Hibernation

Animals like bears and squirrels will slip into what is known as hibernation. This survival strategy helps them endure cold weather or times of a potential food shortage. Interestingly, Christians can also have a similar survival strategy when it comes to their relationship with God. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about avoiding “Spiritual Hibernation”.

December 2013

Spiritual Relationships

In today’s world it’s easy to find information and instruction. However, when it comes to our spiritual growth in Jesus Christ, we need more than just teaching. We also need to have relationships with other mature Christians who can help guide us along our path. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about having Christian mentors.

Spiritual Respectability

Everyone of us admires someone. It could be their talent, character, or personality but something causes us to appreciate them. In this sermon, Pastor Lee preaches about the need for having respectable people in the Church who can help lead others.

August 2013

Commanded To Feel

Everyone knows that in a relationship, feelings matter. The same is true about our relationship with God. We cannot truly glorify or worship God without having geninue feelings of His worth and value.