September 2013

Moving Up The Mountain

Sometimes moving forward in our relationship with God isn’t easy, but it’s always worth it. In this sermon, Evangelist Davie Whitlock preaches about moving up the mountain with God.

Glorious Pt. 2- Life’s Glorious Purpose

Have you ever wondered about the meaning or purpose of your life? In this message, Jordan preaches from the book of Genesis and tries to explain the ultimate purpose of every human being.

True Faith Fights Right

Everyone experiences conflict in their relationships. From the book of James, Pastor Lee shows us the source of all our relational conflict and how those who have true faith in Jesus can work through it.

Glorious Pt. 1- The Glorious One

Why do we long to experience wonder, beauty, power, and awe? It is because we created to experience and enjoy glory. In this message Jordan preaches about where our desire for glory comes from.

Six Memorial Stones

What must the next generation know about God? In this sermon, Pastor Lee shares six ideas that we must pass on to the next generation from the book of Joshua.

Living By Godly Wisdom

The world is full of opinions, but how do we know we’re living by the wisdom of God? Pastor Lee preaches about the attributes of Godly Wisdom from the book of James.

The Sound Of Rushing Water

Special Guest Larry Meadors shares about waiting for the Lord ot

An Open Door

We’ve heard it before to “Make the most of every opportunity”. In this message Special Guest Larry Meadors preaches about a door of opportunity that God is opening up for His Church.

Navigating A World Of Untamed Talk

It can be difficult to guard our words towards other people. However, what about the things other people say to us? Pastor Lee gives some principles on how to get through a world where people can hurt us with their words.

Don’t Outpace Your Faith

Life can move at a busy pace. Often we can go through an entire day without taking time to experience God. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about the importance of our spiritual journey keeping pace with our day-to-day life.