June 2014

Hard To Help

Have you ever tried to help someone who was stuck in a constant negative cycle? No matter what you did, it just didn’t seem to make much difference?  In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about certain issues that can make us hard to help spiritually and how to avoid them.

The Necessity Of Corporate Worship

The routine and difficulties of life take a toil on our relationship with God but it is possible for us to refresh. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about something every Christian needs to stay connected to God and each other.

It Makes A Difference How We Live

Salvation comes as a free gift of God’s grace and not as a reward for our personal behavior. However, since we are saved by grace, does that mean our behavior doesn’t matter at all? In this message, Evangelist Davie Whitlock preaches about the importance of right living and behavior.

May 2014

God Speaks

Does God still speak to us? Undoubtedly, someone falsely claiming that “God spoke to them” can do a lot of damage but does that mean that God doesn’t speak at all today? In this message, Pastor Lee preaches that God still speaks even though men and women often fail to recognize His voice and His message.

April 2014

Jesus Is Calling For Sinners

If you a sinner, then Jesus came to save you. Jordan preaches about how Jesus’ invitation to Matthew the tax collector teaches us that Jesus didn’t come to save perfect people but He came to call those who understand their need for Him.

What Are You Ready For?

There is a difference between having a plan and being ready. Planning to take a trip in the future is not the same as having your bags packed and ready to go. In this message, Jordan preaches about being ready to see Jesus.

February 2014

Being Strong In Grace

One of the most inexhaustible things of God is His grace. However, it is very important that we have a grasp of it in order to live the Christian life. In this sermon, Pastor Lee preaches about what it means to be strong in the grace of God.

How To Stand Strong And Be Unashamed

In Pastor Lee’s message entitled, “Shamed, But Not Ashamed”, he talked about the Apostle Paul’s command to not be ashamed of the things of God even when facing opposition from others. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about Paul’s specific instructions that lead to standing firm and living unashamed of God.

Shamed, But Not Ashamed

Standing firm for Biblical truth in a world moving the opposite direction can make you unpopular. Christians can find themselves being targets for mockery, opposition, and even persecution. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about being unashamed of Jesus and the Gospel even while being shamed by the others.

January 2014

The Spirit Of Courage

In a world filled with many difficult circumstances and things out of our control, fear is one of our worst enemies. Like the lion from the classic film, The Wizard Of Oz, we could really use some courage. In this message, Pastor Lee gives us principles for our way to finding courage in God.