January 2015

The Jesus Standard

As God is working in our lives, what kind of person does He want us to become? Does God compare our morality with others around us or does He have something else in mind? In this message, Jordan Myers preaches about God’s ultimate standard and measurement for our lives.


Accomplishing the vision for our lives will take more than having a plan or knowing steps. We must also be driven by a conviction to reach our goal no matter what. Our vision must be like a burden on our heart. In this sermon, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about being driven by a holy burden.

Only One “Like” Necessary

Positive Social media has allowed us to connect over so many aspects of life. However, as we begin to share more of our lives with others, our desire for human approval can grow as well. In this sermon, Jordan preaches that although we all love to liked, we only really need one person’s approval.

Your Life’s Vision

What path do you see ahead of you as you enter into this New Year? What goals or dreams will you try to achieve? In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about having a vision for our lives that could give us purpose and help guide us for the rest of our days.

December 2014

Cowbell Service 2014

On our last gathering of 2014, Walton P.H. had a “cowbell service” which is a special sermon time featuring many different speakers. The theme of the service was the “Presence Of God” and each speaker was asked to share their personal thoughts on the subject. This was a great way to finish 2014.

Healthy Feelings And Emotions

Our various feelings play a powerful role in our lives. We have all been impacted by the negative effects of unhealthy emotions in our decision-making and mood. Yet, how do we guide our feelings to a good place? In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about a necessary ingredient for maintaining healthy emotions and feelings.

God Is At Work In Your Life

Are the things that happen in lives just random events or are they part of a bigger purpose? In this sermon, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about the idea that God is constantly working in our lives to bring us into a place we need to be.

The Road To Nod

The story of Cain and Abel provides a painful history of the growing effects of sin in mankind. However, if you look closely you can see that like Cain we are all given the opportunity to follow after God or go our own way. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about two roads we can take.

Christmas At The Right Time

It can be difficult to wait for a special gift. At the time of Jesus’ birth, Jewish people had been waiting hundreds of years for their Messiah and Leader to appear. In this sermon, Jordan preaches about how the Christmas story is a remarkable account of God giving us His best at the right time.

Only In His Presence

Sometimes the circumstances of life can be very confusing. Why do good things happen to bad people and vice versa? Why does it seem that God grants some of our prayers but not all? Although there are some things we may never know, Pastor Lee preaches that there is a place where we can find peace.