March 2015

The Standard Of Love

Ready To Be Forgiven

Exercising Spiritual Senses

Much like the human body has physical senses such as sight and hearing that help us experience the world around us, we have certain spiritual senses that help us perceive God and truth. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about exercising spiritual senses.

Cage Free

There is nothing we can do to manually produce or manufacture God’s presence. However, is there anything we can do to invite God to display His presence? In this message clip, Evangelist Keith Linkous talks about breaking away things that hold us back from experiencing God.

O God Rend The Heavens

What is the presence of God and what does it mean to experience it? In this message, Evangelist Keith Linkous preaches about ways God displays His presence and what the New Testament teaches about experiencing it today.

Global Prayers

The events of terror and persecution around our world today are very alarming. During such dark times for fellow Christians and others in the international community, we must be involved in prayer. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver purposes some specific issues we can pray about to help our world in need.

The Best Indicator Of Faith

In our culture today, there are many different ways to share our faith and beliefs. Yet how do we know that we really believe what we say? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about the best indicator of genuine faith.

God Is Ready To Forgive

The Bible teaches us that our sin separates us from God and causes a rift in our relationship with Him. However, what will God be like when we come to Him in honest repentance? In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about God’s heart towards those who are separated from Him.

February 2015

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

There’s an old phrase that says, “Ignorance is bliss”. However, certain things we don’t know can hurt us and hinder us from experiencing God’s presence. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about some of the dangers of ignorance and the person we must follow to avoid them.

Drawing Near To God With Boldness

Although we may desire to connect with God, approaching His holiness and power can be very intimidating. Is there any way to move past our reluctancy to experience God’s presence? In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about where the boldness to enter into God’s presence comes from.