September 2014

Fixing Stupid Pt. 2- Jesus And My Decisions

The path of regret is paved by unwise decisions. Yet how are we supposed to make the right choices when we are constantly being pulled in different directions? In this sermon, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about how we can make wise decisions and avoid life’s pitfalls.

The Book Of Revelation Pt. 4- Overcoming Personal Struggles

There are many bad habits and sins we try to get rid of as Christians. Although we may lose many battles with sin, we still must be able through Jesus to overcome it. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about areas of our life where we must experience some level of victory.

Sunday Night Devotional: True Friendship

The technology of social media allows us to have tons of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, but do we really know what it means to experience true friendship? In this short devotional, Pastor Lee Sarver talks about what it means to have a true friend.

Fixing Stupid Pt. 1- The Wisdom We All Need

Many of us have heard the expression, “You can’t fix stupid”. However, no matter how smart you are, we all have moments in life that make us look silly. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver uses the expression and preaches about the truth that there is a way for all of us to have wisdom.

The Book Of Revelation Pt. 3- Overcoming The Accuser

In the Bible, Satan is depicted in many different ways. He is described as a liar, a thief, and as a tempter. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches from the book of Revelation about another attribute of the Devil that we can overcome through Jesus.

August 2014

Learning To Live Loosed

When we become a Christian, God does an incredible transformation of our heart that makes us a new person. Yet even though we have been changed on the inside, we can still struggle with hangups from our past. In this message, Evangelist Keith Linkous preaches about the Church’s role in helping people live free according to their new life.

I Am A Loser

Our culture has two different categories for winners and losers. We all strive to be in the winner category and avoid being a loser. But is there something about losing we may not fully understand? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about Jesus’ teaching on losing and how it’s not as avoidable as you might think.

Preparing For Marriage

The Bible uses marriage as a metaphor to describe the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church. What can a couple’s time of engagement teach us about preparing for Jesus’ second coming? In this message, Evangelist Paul Robertson preaches about what we must have to be ready to see Jesus when He returns.

What’s The Big Deal?

Why is God such a big deal? With so many concerns in life, why should we take our faith so seriously? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about a man named Jacob whose encounter with an angel left him convinced that God is a very big deal.

The Book Of Revelation Pt. 2- Overcoming Survival Mode

In a world becoming more difficult for Christianity, we can want to hide out and survive until Christ’s return. However, the book of Revelation teaches us that no matter what, Christians must overcome and advance God’s work on the Earth. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about we must overcome hardships and move forward for Christ.