April 2014

Heaven Pt. 6- Living In Light Of Heaven

Have you ever heard the expression, “They’re so heavenly-minded they’re no earthly good”? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about how the best way to live right now is by constantly being reminded of eternity in Heaven. Christians must live with Heaven in view.

Heaven Pt. 5- New Us, New City, New Earth

Will we ever experience sin in Heaven? What will the Heavenly City be like? In this sermon, Jordan tries to add some more detail concerning what life will be like in the Eternal Heaven.

March 2014

Heaven Pt. 4- Real Resurrected Bodies

What will our bodies be like in Heaven? Will we float around on clouds like ghosts? Will we have wings? In this message, Jordan preaches about how we can expect to have real, human, physical bodies in Heaven.

Heaven Pt. 3- Heaven On A New Earth

When you think of the eternal Heaven what images come to mind? White clouds? Harps? Wings? In this sermon, Jordan explains that according to Scripture, eternity in Heaven will be more earthly than we might imagine.

Heaven Pt. 2- Heaven’s Greatest Gift

Undoubtably, Heaven is a place of incredible and wonderful treasures. But what really makes Heaven paradise? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about the greatest thing Heaven has to offer.

Heaven Pt. 1- The Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Heaven

All of us have had questions about the afterlife or of the place the Bible calls Heaven. What is it like? Who is there? In this message, Jordan preaches about the most important thing you need to know about Heaven.