November 2014

Worshiping God In Truth

Heartfelt emotions and zeal can be a powerful thing as we worship God. However, if spiritual experiences aren’t rooted in Biblical truth, worship ends up bringing dishonor to God. In this message, Jordan preaches about the necessity of truth in our worship.

Worshiping God In Spirit

During a conversation with a Samaritan woman, Jesus gave us two essential ingredients that must be a part of our worship to God. In this sermon, Jordan preaches about how true worship is not just an outward expression but it is also a spiritual connection with God.

October 2014

Worship As Response

True worship begins as God reveals His nature and character to us. However, what should be our proper response to such a holy, just, all-powerful, and yet loving God? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about the most reasonable offering or service we could give back to God.

Worship As Revelation

Among Christian circles the word worship is often associated with music or a specific time of gathering together. However, is worship only happening on Sundays or does it involve something more? In this sermon, God preaches about worship and its connection to God’s revelation of Himself.

Frog Nights

How many nights would you spend in a room infested with frogs? In this message, Jordan Myers uses the story of the frog plague in Egypt to illustrate that we should get rid of sin and the negative things in our lives as soon as possible. There’s no good reason to wait and spend another night with “frogs”.

September 2014

Thinking About What We Think About

When was the last time you thought about what you think about? What we choose to focus our mind on each day can greatly impact our lives. In this sermon, Jordan Myers preaches about the list of virtues from Philippians 4:8 that are worth thinking about often.

Simplify Pt. 2- God’s Mission For Your Life On Earth

Out of all the things God has told us to do in Scripture, what is the most important mission He wants us to accomplish? In this message, Jordan Myers preaches about the commission Jesus gave His disciples over 2,000 years ago that is still our greatest mission today.

Simplify Pt. 1- God’s Ultimate Goal For Our Life

The Christian faith in the U.S. has different denominations, different English Bible translations, and hundreds of books on Christian living. If we’re not careful, our faith experience can get so cluttered that we lose sight of exactly what it means to be a Christian. In this sermon, Jordan Myers preaches about keeping our faith in Jesus simple.

August 2014

I Am A Loser

Our culture has two different categories for winners and losers. We all strive to be in the winner category and avoid being a loser. But is there something about losing we may not fully understand? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about Jesus’ teaching on losing and how it’s not as avoidable as you might think.

What’s The Big Deal?

Why is God such a big deal? With so many concerns in life, why should we take our faith so seriously? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about a man named Jacob whose encounter with an angel left him convinced that God is a very big deal.