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September 2013

Navigating A World Of Untamed Talk

It can be difficult to guard our words towards other people. However, what about the things other people say to us? Pastor Lee gives some principles on how to get through a world where people can hurt us with their words.

Don’t Outpace Your Faith

Life can move at a busy pace. Often we can go through an entire day without taking time to experience God. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about the importance of our spiritual journey keeping pace with our day-to-day life.

True Faith Controls The Tongue

Our words are powerful and sometimes difficult things to control. Pastor Lee preaches about how people with true faith use wisdom in their words.

Building With The Storm In Mind

The storms of life are sometimes unavoidable. In this message, special guest Keith Linkous tells us how to prepare for the trials and storms that will come our way.

The Flow Of Fresh Oil

The life of a Christian requires refreshment in God’s power and presence. In this message, special guest Keith Linkous preaches about God choosing and empowering people from the book of Psalms.

August 2013

Commanded To Feel

Everyone knows that in a relationship, feelings matter. The same is true about our relationship with God. We cannot truly glorify or worship God without having geninue feelings of His worth and value.

The Power Of An Idea

One simple idea can be a powerful thing. In this message Youth Pastor O. Gaynor preaches about the power of ideas and how we must be careful with them in our own lives.

Change Your Mind

John The Baptist announced to the Jews something they had been waiting for- the Kingdom of Heaven. However, John then told them that they needed to “repent”. In this message, Jordan preaches about why the Jews needed to change their mind and why everyone must repent in order to be included in God’s Kingdom.

True Faith Works

True faith in God produces works that please God and help others. Pastor Lee preaches from the book of James on how faith without works is dead.

Keeping The Promise Alive

In the Old Testament, a man named Caleb held on to a promise Moses made to him until it was fulfilled. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about keeping the God’s promise alive in our own lives.