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August 2014

The Book Of Revelation Pt. 1- An Introduction

The book of Revelation is one the most fascinating parts of the Bible. However, in our attempt to understand its vivid imagery and futuristic details do we clearly see its main themes? In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about the book of Revelation’s biggest messages.

Lessons From The Exodus Pt. 5- A Holy Memory

In Moses’ last words to the nation of Israel, the idea of remembering God and His covenant was a major theme. If the Israelites forgot God when they entered into the Promised Land, everything would fall apart. In this message, Jordan preaches about the importance of remembering who God is and what He has done for us.

Sons Of God Vs. Sons Of Perdition

Although Judas Iscariot carried out the most famous act of betrayal in history, he wasn’t the only one who betrayed Jesus. At Jesus’ arrest, all the disciples turned their back on Him. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about the real difference between Judas and the rest of the disciples.

The Book Of Revelation Unveils The Heart

The last book of the Bible is entitled “Revelation” which means “unveiling”. The book unveils the glory of Jesus Christ and reveals God’s final plans for the world. However, the book can also teach us about ourselves. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches that the book of Revelation unveils truths about the human heart.

Lessons From The Exodus Pt. 4- Everyone’s Accountable

Moses had faithfully obeyed God’s instructions in leading the nation of Israel out of Egypt and towards the land of Caanan. However, an angry disobedient act would keep both Moses and Aaron from entering the Promised Land. In this message, Jordan preaches about how God will hold us all accountable for our actions towards Him.

Prophetic Trigger Moments

Are today’s headlines on CNN or Fox News simply random events or could they be signs pointing to something important? In this message, Pastor Lee gives some reasons why our world is the on the verge of something big involving the Kingdom of God.

July 2014

Trigger Moments Pt. 5- Agreeing With The Ghost

In order to do great things for God, we will need to have help and guidance. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about the important role that the Holy Spirit plays in equipping us to serve God.

Lessons From The Exodus Pt. 3- Don’t Go Without God

What is the most important thing we need to have to experience success in life? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about how the Israelite’s journey from Egypt to the Promised Land teaches us the value of having God’s blessing and leadership in our lives.

Lessons From The Exodus Pt. 2- A Caleb “Spirit”

Of the estimated 1.5 million Israelites that were on their journey to the Promised Land of Canaan, only Joshua, Caleb, and those under 20 years old were actually allowed to enter in. In this sermon, Jordan preaches about having a spirit like Caleb who fully followed God.

Trigger Moments Pt. 4- Irresistible Repentance

What is our hope when we’ve pushed God too far? In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about the only good option sinners have in the hands of a just and angry God.