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December 2014


As the Hebrew people traveled through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land, God gave Moses an opportunity to finish the journey without God’s personal presence. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about Moses’ response and the importance of pursuing God’s presence.

God’s Faithful Christmas

The Christmas story of Jesus’ birth teaches us so many things about God and His involvement with the world. In this sermon, Jordan preaches about how Christmas is a powerful illustration of the truth that God is faithful and He will always keep His Word.

A Friend Of Sinners

Jesus loves all kinds of people and is a friend to even the worst of sinners. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about how Jesus shows us the way to treat outsiders today.

November 2014

Living By Faith

Are we as Christians really living according to our faith in God or are we subtly putting our trust in the physical world around us? In this message, Evangelist Davie Whitlock preaches on the importance of faith and that God wants us put our trust in Him.

Serving God With Gladness

It may be common to associate the idea of serving God with a sense of duty or virtue. However, the Bible teaches that serving the Lord should ultimately flow from a heart of joy and gladness. In this sermon, Pastor Lee preaches about how serving God and gladness are connected.

Hunting For God

Often God continues to work in our lives through unexpected ways. In this special deer hunter’s testimony, Bow Hunter Brian Lytton preaches about his journey of faith and coming back to God.

Sudan Missionary Gregory McClerkin

During one of our Sunday morning worship services, Sudan Missionaries Gregory McClerkin and his wife Latoya came and spoke to our congregation about their life and work in Africa. In this message, Gregory speaks about his call to missions and what he and his wife are currently doing in Sudan.

The Grateful And Loving Worshiper Pt. 2

In a Biblical story from Luke 7:35, a woman lavishly worshiped Jesus in an unusual way. In this message, Jordan preaches about a few things that the woman’s story can teach us about worshiping Jesus today.

When Jesus Preached On The End Of The World

Movies and television entertain our minds with what it could be like during apocalyptic days on Earth. However, who would be a better authority on the end times than Jesus Himself? In this message, Youth Pastor Craig Reed preaches about some of Jesus’ words concerning the end of the world.

The Change You Are Looking For Pt. 2

Most of us want to experience positive and lasting change in our lives. Real change requires God’s power and our persistence. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches on another aspect of change that we need to experience in order for it to last in our lives.