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May 2014

Finishing Big

The older we get the more we begin to think about the end of our life. Most all of us want to finish well having reached our ultimate goal. In this sermon, Pastor Lee preaches about how we can leave this life the right way.

500 Dollar Grace

Do we truly understand the depths of God’s grace towards us? In this sermon, Pastor Lee preaches about the effect of realizing how good God has been to us through Jesus Christ.

Hope For Hypocrites

Nobody likes a hypocrite. However, are our words always 100% consistent with our behavior? In this message, Jordan preaches about the hope we can have as we come to grips with the hypocrisy in our own lives.

Why Push?

The Apostle Paul never gave up his lifelong passion of pursuing God. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about how Paul’s life and teachings give us reasons why we too should continue to pursue more of God.

April 2014

Jesus Is Calling For Sinners

If you a sinner, then Jesus came to save you. Jordan preaches about how Jesus’ invitation to Matthew the tax collector teaches us that Jesus didn’t come to save perfect people but He came to call those who understand their need for Him.

Not Just Surviving But Thriving

The salvation that comes through Jesus Christ changes our lives forever. Going back to ordinary is not an option. In the message, Evangelist Davie Whitlock preaches about the Holy Spirit who enables to us to thrive as Christians.

A Passionate Push In The Right Direction

God is the only thing worth pursuing for a lifetime. In this sermon, Pastor Lee preaches about God’s calling in our lives to chase after Him with all that we have.

What Are You Ready For?

There is a difference between having a plan and being ready. Planning to take a trip in the future is not the same as having your bags packed and ready to go. In this message, Jordan preaches about being ready to see Jesus.

A Resurrection Blessing

It’s easy to think that Jesus’ early followers were more blessed than us because they had the privilege to see and feel His physical body after His resurrection. However, in this message Pastor Lee preaches on Jesus’ words that we can be blessed even when we aren’t able to physically see.

The “Selfie” Spirit

In today’s world of the Internet, it’s common to see people upload individual pictures of themselves called “selfies”. Though a picture can be completely harmless, is it possible that something so small could illustrate a bigger problem in our generation? In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about what you might call the “selfie” spirit.