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October 2014

Worship As Response

True worship begins as God reveals His nature and character to us. However, what should be our proper response to such a holy, just, all-powerful, and yet loving God? In this sermon, Jordan preaches about the most reasonable offering or service we could give back to God.

The Book Of Revelation Pt. 8- The Battle Of Good And Evil

Hundreds of Hollywood movies portray the age old struggle between Good and Evil. The Bible records for mankind the true nature and source of the conflict. In this message, Pastor Lee preaches about God’s pursuit to rid the perfect world He created of its destructive evil.

Worship As Revelation

Among Christian circles the word worship is often associated with music or a specific time of gathering together. However, is worship only happening on Sundays or does it involve something more? In this sermon, God preaches about worship and its connection to God’s revelation of Himself.

The Root Of Evil

We can quickly identify evil when we see it played out in the news or on television. However, much evil lies within the human heart hidden from plain sight. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about the root of evil and what God has done to solve the problem.

Homecoming 2014- The Power Of God And The Cross

What do you see when you see a cross? Although commonly used in jewelry, decorations, and memorials, the cross should ultimately symbolize the person and work of Jesus Christ. In this message, Special Guest Cliff Adkins from The New Calvary Echoes singing group preaches about the power of God displayed by the cross.

The Book Of Revelation Pt. 7- Justice Ended

In Chapter 18 of The Book Of Revelation, we begin to see the end of God’s judgment on the Earth. God’s justice finally comes upon the evil world’s systems of greed, materialism, and immorality. In this sermon, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about having our faith in God and staying away from joining the world’s future financial and material collapse.

Frog Nights

How many nights would you spend in a room infested with frogs? In this message, Jordan Myers uses the story of the frog plague in Egypt to illustrate that we should get rid of sin and the negative things in our lives as soon as possible. There’s no good reason to wait and spend another night with “frogs”.

Be Inspired

When leaders stop being inspired by God, churches, families, and societies begin to decline. Godly inspiration and passion give us fuel to keep moving forward in the right direction. In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about being inspired by God and ways we can stay connected to the God of all hope.

The Book Of Revelation Pt. 6- Judicial Blindness

Why would a person still reject repentance during God’s great judgment of Earth? In this message, Pastor Lee Sarver preaches about the deep blindness that causes men and women to turn their back on God even when faced with the reality of His righteous power.

September 2014

Thinking About What We Think About

When was the last time you thought about what you think about? What we choose to focus our mind on each day can greatly impact our lives. In this sermon, Jordan Myers preaches about the list of virtues from Philippians 4:8 that are worth thinking about often.